Lost Poet

LostPoet (born Willie Hall) is a recording artist, writer & journalist from Anaheim, California. He has worked with and supported numerous artists from the Southern California area. His most recent solo project, Calligraphy Campaign, vaulted him to international popularity – working with Italy’s DJ Alik, and UK producer J-Quest (among various others).

Upon completing his 2012 European tour with his buzz at an all time high, LostPoet returned to the states to begin work on his follow up project, “Golden Calf” – a collaboration with North Carolina native Kincee. The album is a dark look into America, criticizing the police – as the murders of unarmed blacks continue to plague a once proud nation.

LostPoet is also a journalist, and in 2012 he launched RapNerd.tv , with the hopes of giving back to the hip-hop community that supported him. With payola and “pay for play” watering down hip hop scene, he felt it was his duty to bring light to talented artists in his locale who dont get the publicity big budget artists do.

In 2014, LP took steps into the literary world and launched DontStopBooks.com , where he published a book of poetry and a children’s book, “Super Lemonade”. The future is plentiful for LostPoet and there is much on the horizon for him. Keep him on your radar and stream his video below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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