ANoyd with mumble rap? Here is a sigh of relief.

ANoyd is a name I had never heard of in rap before last week. I came across him freestyling on Funk Flex where he spazzed, his passion for music and his hunger for success became evident when the veins in his forehead started to pop out.  After listening to that freestyle and seeing the visible passion, I looked him up in YouTube, where I came across two of his singles, “Altitude” and “It’s Different Now,” and from what I heard, in my opinion he will be a household name in hip-hop sooner than later.  Both songs are absolutely fire and offer a snippet of his content versatility.  On “Altitude” he offers pieces of his journey to success where he lets the listener in on the struggles and successes he has endured up to this point of his journey.   On “It’s Different Now” he is just like a lyrical AK where he barely allows the beat to breathe and he drops so many bars you will hear something new for at least the 5 times you listen to the song.  If you are a fan of hip-hop, you will be a fan of ANoyd.  He is an artist that will hold your attention and gain your respect.  While writing this I came across ANoyd on DJ Enuff’s show where once again he expanded his content versatility and increased my respect for his art.  He touched on his perspective of being a black man in America and the things that come with that.  All 3 videos are attached and are worth taking out time to listen to, as the lyricism and wittiness of Anoyd’s bars is sure to captivate you. No doubt, you will like at least one of the videos/songs, and would be surprised if you don’t like them all. As Always,


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