Hope It don’t Kill Me

Arin Ray blesses our page today with his romantic language of love on his latest single ‘Hope It Don’t Kill Me’ which features the talented guru Boogie. The two discuss love and relationship and how they sacrificed themselves for love, in hopes that it’s not their demise. Taking a road less traveled by most youth in our generation, living in a over saturated society that promotes one-night stands and emotionless hook-ups, making love more about lust than feeling. Which is why it’s so important Arin releases this single to let his listeners know that chivalry isn’t dead by showing positive images of minority youth together in a relationship.  Providing an outlet of simple reality, showing vulnerability and a human element instead of the far-fetched happy ever after stories or one hitter quitters we are so use to seeing. Make sure you do yourself a favor and stream the video below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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