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Food 4 Thought

When first creating Da Bassment Blog our intentions was to create a platform for underground artist to showcase their talent, while giving an outlet to unsigned artist who spoke from the heart with a raw un-filtered emotion that hasn’t been tampered or manipulated from record executives and corporations. In our 8 month endeavor we have found much success connecting new artist with fans, most being heard for the first time. This way was working well but we wanted to push the envelope and take it a step further. We wanted to transform Da Bassment Blog from digital to tangible, so we reached out to local artist Aziza, Izzy, Siri, Jumanji and Perez to be apart of Da Bassment Blog talent show case and mixer. ‘Food 4 Thought’ A captivating event for those who embody creativity, expression and revolution of ideas that captivate the senses and stimulates the mind. Using their art to speak on current events and social injustices taking place. Feeding the mind body and soul with poetry/ singing and spoken word as well as food and spirits provided by Elephant Walk (170 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219) a Black owned business located in the heart of the university of Cincinnati campus. We encourage any body who enjoys good vibes, food and people to join us Saturday October 22,2016 from 6pm-10pm as we elevate the art of kick it and as always….

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From The Streets To The Stove

Chef Jeff Henderson has gone from drug dealer to celebrity chef/TV personality.  An amazing story about the power of food and atonement. Jeff Henderson grew up in a neighborhood stricken with  poverty, abandoned homes, people sleeping in cars and drug dealers on every corner, needless to say it’s been a long road for the South Central LA chef. During his teenage years Henderson began selling drugs in his community making thousands a week, more than the average teenager or adult for that matter. By 24 he was arrested and would spend the next decade in federal prison. While serving time Henderson began to read books and worked in the kitchen where he discovered a passion for food. Henderson began honing his craft in cooking, writing, speaking and business while incarcerated in order to apply it when released. When discharged Jeff started washing dishes for one of the top casinos in Las Vegas, eventually earning a position as a chef. Later becoming the first African American chef at the Bellagio. Not satisfied Jeff took his cooking a step further and began hosting TV shows like “Flip My Food’ and “Celebrity Chef” which can be found on the food network channel. Following up with three cookbooks teaching recipes for cooking as well as success in life. Henderson, a shining example of how hard work and dedication can overcome your obstacles despite how great they are. For the latest news on Chef Henderson stay checking in to the Da Bassment as we keep a close eye on this culinary master.

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Chef Meels


Many times cooking is overlooked as an art form due to the fact everyone does it (some better than others lol), but Jameel Chambers a.k.a. “Chef Meels” completely puts that mindset to shame with his outlook on food. It is evident that Chef Meels has honed his cooking skills on the journey to mastery in the way he not only throws down on all your tradition favorites from mac n cheese to smoked beef ribs, but how he adds his own personal flair to turn your simplest meals into a gourmet dish. Still in his 20’s, Chef Meels is hard on his grind to provide the people with great tasting food while still providing healthier options than what most people have access to in today’s restaurants. Chef Meels has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Fox 8 News to name a few, and is available in the Northeast Ohio area for catering events as well as meal plans.

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Chef Dane

Many of us with tattoos remember getting our first one and parents or grandparents saying we will never be able to get a “real” job. For some people tattoos are a hindrance in the professional world but not for Dayton, Ohio area chef Chef Dane a.k.a. “The Tatted Chef”. But Chef Dane is unconventional in more than just his tattoos. Chef Dane prides himself on taking simple ingredients and flipping it to a delicious dish many would never think of combining like Alfredo Wings or Bacon Wrapped Asparagus. Not only does Chef Dane make great looking and tasting food but he also promotes making health conscious decisions through his social media outlets to educate his followers on anything from drinking water over soda to taking natural juice shots to prevent sickness. If you’re ever in the Dayton area be sure to reach out to Chef Dane for some fine cuisine.

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